Sea Walker by Club Aqua

Sea walker by Club Aqua is an exciting dive activity using safety helmet supplied by free air flow making easily walk and do activities in the water by free breathing. This adventure will encourage you to dive within 5 to 10 meter and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of underwater and face to face with beautiful color of fishes and coral reefs. It will bring you the impression experience during your vacation in Bali to discover underwater live and interact with fishes which is accompanied by professional dive instructor.

Sea Walker Tours

After arriving at Sea Walker counter, you will be welcomed by friendly staff for registration and changing cloth. The safeties equipments will be provided for your convenience diving and the staff will give you sort safety instruction before join the tour. The boat will transfer you from the beach area to the pontoon which just takes within 5 minutes away. Before going down to the water, the professional dive instructor will give you the presentation of safety diving and using unique helmet afterward lead you to go down through the boat stair until the ground. The tour will be started and you can walk around to interact and face to face with colorful fishes and coral reefs. When the tour time end, you will be lead to go up to the pontoon and transfer back to the beach for shower and changing cloth.

Option 1 – includes transfer service and lunch US$ 95
Option 2 – dive only US$ 85
Option 3 – seawalker + free coral plantation US$ 95
Option 4 – seawalker + turtle release US$ 105
Option 5 – seawalker + clown fish / sea horse release US$ 100


Sea Walker by Club Aqua, Tanjung Benoa Bali

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This is a daily tour.

Price Rate

Sea Walker by Club Aqua Option Schedule Adult Price Person Minimum Person
1. Includes transfer service and lunch Daily USD 95 2
2. dive only Daily USD 85 2
3. Seawalker + free coral plantation Daily USD 95 2
4. Seawalker + turtle release Daily USD 105 2
5. Seawalker + clown fish / sea horse release Daily USD 100 2

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