Bali’s Governor Issues Recommendation For New Airport In North Bali

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Bali’s Governor Issues Recommendation For New Airport In North Bali

Bali’s Governor Made Pastika recently told NusaBali that he had already received a detailed plan from a Canadian company for the building of the new Bali international airport, to be located in the North Bali regency of Buleleng.

According to the Governor, the plan submitted by Airport Kinesis Canada (AKC) is “the most serious proposal” he had seen to date. A long-term survey was also conducted by AKC and supporting recommendations needed by the Ministry of Transportation are currently being compiled by the provincial government and regency.

The new airport, with the proposed name “Dwijendra International Airport”, will be built on reclaimed land in an offshore location in Kubutambahan. With estimates for developing the new airport placed at Rp. 30 trillion, the Provincial Government of Bali views such a cost as outside the limits of Bali’s funding capabilities.

Meanwhile the Province of Bali is hopeful that the proposed Airport of the North could be funded by the private sector, as Central Government funding is no longer considered possible National priorities now focussed on development in Eastern Indonesia and border areas.

AKC has completed a pre-feasibility study for the development of an airport at Kubutambahan in the Regency of Buleleng. With a supporting recommendation from the Province of Bali it is expected that AKC will undertake a more detailed plan for what would become Bali’s second international airport.