Bali Just Got Cheaper For Aussies

Tour in Bali Just Got Cheaper For Aussies

Bali Just Got Cheaper For Aussies

Good news for the 1.1 million or more Australians who visit Indonesia each year – if you’re planning for a holiday to the paradise island of Bali, there’s no better time than now! The Indonesian government recently announced a new list of countries exempted from the $49 fee upon entry to the island.

The free entry for 30-days is now valid for citizens of 79 countries including Australia. Other countries include Brazil, Ukraine, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Palestine, Honduras, Pakistan, and Mongolia. At this moment, no official date has been announced for the change to take effect.

Australia was previously included in the list but was removed as the Australian Federal Government would not provide reciprocal rights for Indonesians. Fortunately, changes were made in visa rules for Indonesians including the introduction of a three-year multiple entry visa and an online application tool from 2017.